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Parham Javaherizadeh, ESQ.
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    Mr. Parham Javaherizadeh, the founder of JPC Law Group’s life is one that exemplifies success through hard work. Mr. Javaherizadeh is an immigrant who fled the political and social turmoil of Iran in search of personal freedom. Upon his arrival to the United States, he decided to pursue a career in law in order to protect those who, like him in his mother country, did not have the means or the wherewithal to protect their rights. Although he worked several jobs during high school and college, he remained determined and succeeded in attaining his law degree and certificate of dispute resolution from the prestigious Pepperdine University School of Law.

    Mr. Javaherizadeh has established JPC Law Group, a firm with a culture that caters to people who are not able to defend their rights on their own or are unable to navigate the ever-confusing legal avenues that protect their assets/businesses. As a personal injury lawyer, Mr. Javaherizadeh understands the complications of dealing with insurance companies and attaining settlements (both in the court and outside of court) that truly represent the cost and pain and suffering that his clients faced subsequent to a personal injury. Similarly, with years of experience in the Law Offices of Kahen & Associates as a tax law consultant and as a lead wills/trusts drafter, Mr. Javaherizadeh understands both the complications and the frustrations that dealing with the IRS entails and how to protect one’s assets via a will or trust. Lastly, Mr. Javaherizadeh understands the best ways of limiting personal liability through the various different corporate entity structures and can help his clients limit personal exposure while attaining their business and financial goals. 

     Among many visions of JPC, Mr. Javaherizadeh highly emphasizes on providing personal relationship and service with each and every client, with directly understanding and serving the clients' unique needs and priorities. 

     With Mr. Javaherizadeh, the clients receive personalized services. In fact, Mr. Javaherizadeh directly overlooks and works on each client’s matters and communicates effectively with his clients throughout what could seem to be a daunting process. 

     With Mr. Javaherizadeh’s background as an immigrant, he understood the importance of being involved in community and giving back. Mr. Javaherizadeh’s currently serves as a member of board of advisory and the general counsel for The Light House, with the vision of impacting the lives of the younger generation. Mr. Javaherizadeh also serves as a mentor and preceptor to Pepperdine University’s law students as part of the university’s preceptor program.
     Mr. Javaherizadeh earned his Juris Doctor (law) degree from Pepperdine University, School of Law. He also holds a certificate in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University, Straus Institute, which is ranked the best program for dispute resolution in the nation in the 11 of last 12 years. Prior to law school, Mr. Javaherizadeh earned his B.A. Magna Cum Laude in History at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2012 where he graduated top of his class.   

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