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Our Firm works closely with our clients to help them select the right organizational structure for their business. We carefully examine our client's business plans and goals to help them select the business structure that is in-line with the long term objectives they are aiming to achieve. 

Limited Liability Companies - LLC

LLCs can provide limited liability protection to their members / owners who would typically be not personally responsible for the business debts and liabilities of the LLC. Creditors cannot pursue the personal assets  of the owners / members (such as individuals' house, Bank accounts, etc.) to collect for business debts owed by the LLC.

Limited Liability Partnerships - LLP

A limited partnership is similar to what a general partnership is but it is with the exception that it has two classes of partners, general and limited partners. The general partner(s) have the power for full control and management of the Business entity but as general partners, they accept full personal responsibility for partnership liabilities of the business. On the other hand,limited partners have no personal liability beyond the amount of investment  in the partnership interest. Although they benefit from this limited liability, they cannot participate in the general management and daily operations of the partnership business without being considered or named as general partner of the entity. 

S Corporations

Similar to a LLC, S Corporation members enjoy the benefits of limited Liability as well as well for the tax benefits where the income and losses are passed through to shareholders and included on their individual tax returns. Therefore, there's just one level of federal tax to be paid rather than a double taxation. 

C Corporations

Just like the other entities mentioned above C Corporations also benefit from limited liability for its owners and shareholders but unlike a S Corporation where taxes are passed through, the C Corporation is taxed at its own level and separately. C Corporations do benefit in other areas compare to other entity options mentioned above. 

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